Christal Walstead, LE, CLT

Amber Cruth, RN, BSN, Northwestern Plastic Surgery
Christal joined our team as a licensed Aesthetician and Laser Technician in April 2015. She was the lead Aesthetician and Laser Technician at Paradise Medspa in Scottsdale Arizona from August 2011 through March 2015. With six years experience working in the spa industry previously as a massage therapist, Christal found that she was more drawn to the skin care industry and decided to pursue a career in Aesthetics.

After graduating with her basic 600 hrs, she furthered her education by taking a Master Spa course in Beverly Hills for an additional 600 hours where she trained in advanced aesthetics, specifically doing case studies on rosacea, hyperpigmention, anti-aging and acne treatments. Over and above that, Christal has advanced training in microdermabrasion and medical grade chemical peels. Christal then attended the IMAJ Institute in Scottsdale for laser training, specializing in laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation.

She feels very blessed to have a job that she loves and wants to share her passion with everyone with whom she comes in contact. Beauty and talent notwithstanding, Christal is also a Veteran, having served four years in the United States Navy.

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