The Liquid Facelift

Have you ever looked in the mirror and seen your mother looking back? Or wished for a fresher, more rested, perhaps more youthful look but you don’t want to go through surgery or its just not quit time to go under the knife? Then you could be the perfect candidate for a liquid facelift. A […]

Let it Glow, It really is the most wonderful time of the year.

During the holidays, you want to look and feel your best. That’s why we are thrilled to tell you about our Let it Glow Holiday Event. We’re offering you significant savings on the Restylane® family of products (Restylane®, Restylane® Silk, and Restylane® Lyft) and Dysport® If you receive treatment of any Restylane filler (Restylane, Restylane […]

The Difference Between IPL, BBL, and Laser Technology

The medical esthetic field has really grown in the last few years. It has filtered into our everyday lives and is no longer only in the reach of celebrities and the wealthy. Now that these treatments are widely available and more cost effective, it can be overwhelming to understand what the best treatment is for […]

Being Proactive About Lymphedema

Lymphedema is a frequent topic of conversation in many of our post-op visits after mastectomy and reconstruction. It is true that your personal risk for lymphedema is increased by having breast surgery, but this risk may be exaggerated in educational resources online; your worry about lymphedema can then also be exacerbated by repeated mentions of […]

Breast Reconstruction, A Process

Many of our patients express concern about what to expect after breast reconstruction. In my discussions with patients prior to mastectomy and reconstruction, I always find it challenging to help patients anticipate what things will look like. In practice, we find before and after pictures to be a useful tool to address this question, but […]

Sharing the journey of breast reconstruction

As a physician assistant who takes care of many women recovering from mastectomy and reconstruction, I have a pretty good understanding of what occurs during the post-operative period. Northwestern Specialists in Plastic Surgery puts a huge emphasis on education as a practice, and being a part of this practice, I’ve learned so much about how […]

What is a “retouch” after liposuction?”

What is a “retouch” after liposuction?” 1 answer on Quora What is a “retouch” after liposuction?” Liposuction is as much art as science. In an effort to avoid any complications such as dimpling, rippling, excessive removal in any one area and to try and achieve a smooth, refined result, your surgeon may choose to be […]

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