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Liposuction ChicagoDespite good health and fitness, some individuals may still have disproportionate figures due to localized fat deposits. If you are bothered by excess fat deposits, liposuction may be a good option for you. Generally, liposuction slims and reshapes the body contours improving lines and proportion, which can greatly improve self-image.

Liposuction, also called surgical lipectomy or lipoplasty, is the surgical removal of excess fatty tissue. Traditional liposuction uses suction to remove excess fat. Often, liposuction is assisted by infusing fluid prior to fat removal.  This fluid contains medications that reduce pain and also can reduce bruising. Recent advancements in tissue removal have considerably improved our ability to sculpt the body with liposuction. With better understanding of safe techniques, we are now able to offer SAFELipo®, which offers the ability to be more aggressive with fat removal without the risk for suboptimal contours postoperatively.  In your consultation, we will discuss these different options with you.

Liposuction is commonly used to remove excess fat in the abdomen and waist, hips and buttocks, thighs, inner knee, upper arms, breast or chest, cheeks, chin, and neck, and calves and ankles. It can be performed alone, or in combination with other cosmetic procedures (such as face lift, breast reduction, brazilian butt lift,  or tummy tuck)

Liposuction requires a small incision near the site to be suctioned; incisions may be small enough that they do not require any stitches. Once access is gained to the fatty tissue, a surgical vacuum is used to remove fat. If large volumes are removed from one area, some patients may be counseled on the use of compression garments after surgery to aid in the healing process.

What is SAFELipo?

Many patients come to us hoping for improved body contours.  This can be accomplished via many different approaches.  But, with the recent innovation of SAFELipo®our ability to reach patient goals has been enhanced.  Learn more about this new procedure below.

SAFELipo® has the ability to removal substantial amounts of excess fat smoothly and evenly while sparing blood vessels that aid healing. The process decreases risk for contour abnormalities after liposuction even with large volume reduction.

SAFELipo® involves a 3 step process.


Our surgeons begin the process by separating the fat globules from their attachments.  This is accomplished using a particular cannula that essentially “emulsifies” the fat without requiring any suction. This separation step makes subsequent removal of the fat easier allowing better preservation of blood vessels that allow the skin to remain healthy and smooth.


Suction of the fat is then performed.  This step is easier after separation so is more rapid and is associated with reduced bleeding.

Fat Equalization

After aspiration, a similar cannula is then used without suction to equalize the remaining subcutaneous fat in a consistent layer, leaving a smooth contour.  This allows the surgeon to blend the suctioned areas to the surrounding areas and gives the skin a uniform thickness of underlying fat that prevents adhesion of the skin to the muscles and fascia.



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