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Breast reconstruction after partial or complete removal of breast(s) can be a very physically and emotionally rewarding procedure for many women. It offers the ability to not only create a new breast, but also can dramatically improve a woman’s self image, self-confidence, and quality of life.

Reconstruction of a breast can be accomplished through many different plastic surgery techniques. The best procedure for your breast reconstruction depends on your goals for reconstruction and your medical history. Overall, the results of breast reconstruction can be relatively natural in appearance and feel; however, a reconstructed breast will never look or feel exactly the same as the breast that was removed.

Breast reconstruction typically involves several procedures performed in multiple stages. It can begin at the same time as mastectomy, which is termed “immediate reconstruction”. This means your initial surgery would be done with a team approach; both the breast surgeon and plastic surgeon would be present for the same surgery. Breast reconstruction can also be delayed until a patient has healed from mastectomy, which is termed “staged immediate”. If your preferred breast surgeon does not work directly with a plastic surgeon, your reconstruction can happen 1-3 weeks after mastectomy. This requires some coordination, but does not require both surgeons to be present on the same day at the same location. Reconstruction can also be performed after complete recovery after any additional cancer treatments that may be necessary. This is termed delayed reconstruction. To learn more about options related to the timing of reconstruction, click here.

To be able to look in the mirror and feel pretty and have confidence is an amazing feeling. So thank you from the bottom of my heart. You both should be very proud of what you do for us women. You have a gift that you blessed me with and I will be forever grateful. Thank you.
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Types Of Breast Reconstruction

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