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Body Contouring Chicago | Plastic Surgery ILWe are all striving to look and feel our best, so losing weight is a goal that many individuals have for both aesthetic and functional reasons. Significant weight loss as a result of lifestyle changes, bariatric surgery, or other medical treatments can have dramatic effects on overall health and body image. Once you reach your weight goal, however, you may find that you do not have the fit and toned body that you desire. Oftentimes, skin may appear loose or sagging, and your body contours may appear irregular or disproportionate. In these cases, body contouring may be the right procedure for you.

Following any major reduction in weight, the skin and tissues often lack elasticity and cannot conform to the reduced body size. As a result, the skin is unsupported and loose, often leading to an unappealing appearance. This skin is also more prone to infection which may need to be treated. This excess skin often leaves people feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious, something that body contouring can remedy.

In general, body contouring removes excess skin and fat left after dramatic weight loss. The result of surgery is a smoother more proportionate appearing body with smoother overall contours throughout. It can act as an important adjunct to your body and lifestyle changes, and can prove very rewarding for many patients.

Different Body Contouring Procedures

If you have a particular area you’d like to focus on, our team is happy to accommodate your needs. Popular examples of body contouring procedures include:

  • Tummy tuck: removes excess skin of the abdomen, while also tightening muscles and addressing remaining fat
  • Breast lift: helps to improve and lift loose skin or flattened breasts
  • Arm lift: helps to remove excess skin of the upper portion of the arms
  • Medial thigh lift: helps to remove excess skin of the inner thigh
  • Face lift: helps to tighten the mid-face, jowls and neck

Stabilize Your Weight

Before you decide to undergo body contouring surgery, it is important that your weight loss has stabilized. If you continue to lose weight, you may continue to have changes in the skin. If you rapidly regain weight, you can put increased stress on your skin which may lead to stretch marks. In order to get the best results from surgery, it is best to have your weight stabilized.

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