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At Northwestern Specialists in Plastic Surgery, we understand that everyone has questions prior to a procedure, including any of our amazing services at our Medspa! Learn more about our offerings and contact us to set up a consultation!

Botox & Injectables

How do I get rid of fine lines and wrinkles?

We have a wide range of various solutions to treat the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles including injectables, lasers and skin treatments. We customize treatments that are best suited to you to give you the best results.

Which non-surgical face lift is the best?

Non-surgical facelifts are a customizable treatment and include a combination of Botox/Fillers.

What is the best treatment for aging skin?

This answer may be different for each individual. Typically, a good skin care regimen is the first step. Hydrafacials, microneedling, laser treatments, and injectables all play a unique role in reversing facial aging. We will customize an individual plan for each patient based on your needs!

Laser Therapy

What is BBL laser therapy?

BBL also known as Broad Band Light therapy is a Sciton Laser device that gently heats the layers of the skin to stimulate new collagen. The machine is equipped with cooling features allowing the use of high-powered energy with minimal discomfort.

Does BBL laser help with wrinkles?

Yes! BBL treats wrinkles and produces younger looking skin by improving sun damage and skin texture.

How many BBL treatments do you need? 

Treatments vary although it is recommended 2-4 times per year for optimal results.

What is the Halo laser treatment?

Halo is the first fractional laser that combines ablative and non-ablative technology allowing for minimal downtime with optimal results.  Halo treatments help minimize the appearance of pore size, correct sun damage and brown spots, even skin texture and tone, and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

How long does the Halo treatment last?

Results are apparent after 1-2 weeks and maintenance treatments are recommended yearly.

How do I know what laser therapy treatment to get?

Each laser can offer different benefits and also may include different down times.  Recommendations around choosing the right laser for you depend on your goals, acceptable down time, and your current skin issues and skin type.  Our staff in the med spa will help you understand these issues and find the treatment that is right for you!

How can I reduce sunspots?

The MedSpa offers multiple approaches to reducing sun spots, including topical treatments, laser treatments, or light therapy.  Depending on your skin type and any other issues present, any one of these (or a combination of these therapies) may be recommended.  We are happy to help you understand these options better during your consult with us!

How can I reduce spider veins? 

BBL and Gentle Max Pro laser is often an excellent way to reduce the visibility of spider veins depending on their size and location. Number of treatments can vary.

What is vaginal rejuvenation?

Vaginal rejuvenation is a term used to describe restoring a more normal elasticity to the vagina and surrounding tissues using laser treatment. This treatment is accomplished through the use of the Fem Touch laser inserted into the vagina directly.  The treatment itself is painless and takes just minutes.  Laser treatment utilizing Fem Touch can improve vaginal elasticity, reduce discomfort with sex, increase lubrication, and decrease stress urinary incontinence.

Am I a candidate for vaginal rejuvenation?

Most women are candidates for Fem Touch treatment.  If you have had complicated gynecologic or urogynecologic surgery, we may need to review your surgical history with you prior to proceeding with treatment.  

Body Contouring

What is non-surgical body contouring?

Non-surgical body contouring is a non-invasive way to remove fat in specific areas without any downtime.  Energy such as radio frequency (RF) is often times used to damage or kill the fat cells. This results in a smoother and slimmer appearance over time.

What type of body sculpting should I choose?

NuEra is a non-invasive temperature controlled radio frequency (RF) skin smoothing system. It is a very comfortable treatment that feels like a warm massage and has ZERO downtime.  RF energy is used to heat the skin’s surface and deeper tissue levels to treat small pockets of fat on the abdomen, flanks, buttocks, inner and outer thighs, or bra and back fat.

Laser Hair Removal

Is laser hair removal covered by my insurance?

No, all med spa services are considered cosmetic and not covered under insurance.

What does laser hair removal treatment include?

Treatments include a complimentary consultation to discuss areas of treatment. We utilize the Gentle Max Pro machine which dispenses a blast of cryogen air simultaneously while treating the designated area. This allows for optimal patient comfort throughout the duration of the treatment.

Lip Fillers

How long do lip fillers last?

Fillers can last anywhere between 9-12 months and can be touched up sooner than that depending on the patient.

Facials & Chemical Peels

What does a HydraFacial do?

Hydrafacial treatment is the only hydradermabrasion that combines cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, hydration and antioxidant protection simultaneously.

What are the benefits of a HydraFacial?

Soothing and hydrating! Helps improve congested and enlarged pores and is great for all skin types.

What is the best facial for wrinkles?

The hydrafacial options are all great! The time options may vary so there is a choice for everyone, but all of them work to cleanse, exfoliate, extract, and hydrate the skin, which can effectively improve wrinkles if a good home regimen and maintenance treatments are maintained!

How long do chemical peels last?

Depending on the depth of the peel, your face may have some flaking or shedding for 1-2 weeks after your peel. Once this happens the newly refreshed layer of skin will reveal itself causing you to glow! Each person is different, but the results from a peel can usually brighten your face for a few months.

Are chemical peels good for your skin?

They are good for skin! Like anything, chemical peels must be performed in moderation and by a skilled skin professional like our providers at Northwestern Med Spa.


Does Microblading affect hair growth?

No it does not.

How long after microblading can I wear makeup?

Face make up can be worn right away, brow makeup can be used after one week (if necessary).


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