MedSpa FAQ

At Northwestern Specialists in Plastic Surgery, we understand that everyone has questions prior to a procedure, including any of our amazing services at our Medspa! Learn more about our offerings and contact us to set up a consultation!

Botox & Injectables

How do I get rid of fine lines and wrinkles?

We have a wide range of various solutions to treat the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles including injectables, lasers and skin treatments. We customize treatments that are best suited to you to give you the best results.

Which non-surgical face lift is the best?

Non-surgical facelifts are a customizable treatment and include a combination of Botox/Fillers.

Laser Hair Removal

Is laser hair removal covered by my insurance?

No, all med spa services are considered cosmetic and not covered under insurance.

What does laser hair removal treatment include?

Treatments include a complimentary consultation to discuss areas of treatment. We utilize the Gentle Max Pro machine which dispenses a blast of cryogen air simultaneously while treating the designated area. This allows for optimal patient comfort throughout the duration of the treatment.

Lip Fillers

How long do lip fillers last?

Fillers can last anywhere between 9-12 months and can be touched up sooner than that depending on the patient.

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