Medical Grade Facials

Medical grade facials use medical and natural correctives to begin easing the years of stress your skin has endured. We use medical grade product to address the many signs of aging.

Your skin serves as the barrier to your body, blocking harmful UV rays, toxins and bacteria from entering your body. This is a vital function, but the result is that your skin takes a beating, day in and day out. Being constantly bombarded with all of these can lead to problems like wrinkles, lines and even acne. If you are ready to eliminate these unsightly blemishes we can help with medical grade facial treatments. A medical grade facial uses both medicinal and natural corrective measures to help erase the signs of aging. Suggested treatments may include facials for: Deep cleansing, Acne, and Sun damage. These facials target the root cause of your skin problems, whether it be the need to remove toxins with powerful antioxidants or the need to counter years of UV ray exposure. Our patients see a tremendous improvement in their conditions because of the way we target the underlying cause of their problems.

Chemical Peels are designed to address a multitude of skin conditions including:
  • Acne
  • Skin Texture
  • Sun Damage
  • Pigmentation

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