Microneedling and Platelet Rich Plasma: A Powerful Duo for Beautiful Skin

Microneedleing and PRP, Chiigaco, IL

Microneedling is not a new technique but it is one that has recently gained worldwide attention, especially for its powerful effects when combined with platelet-rich plasma, or PRP. Some refer to microneedling with PRP as a “vampire facial.” We refer to it as magic for your skin. 

Details to Get Out of the Way

One of the reasons that microneedling with PRP has become well-known is because certain celebrities have posted seemingly gruesome selfies online of faces marked with blood. The very sight of this creates the perception that treatment must be painful. It’s not. In fact, when microneedling with PRP is performed, there is very little evidence of blood to be seen. We’ll explain the process here so you understand why. 

How Microneedling Works

Microneedling is a beneficial treatment even when it is conducted without regenerating PRP cells. The purpose of microneedling is to induce a prolonged collagen-building response. Treatment is conducted with an automated, hand-held device, not a dermal roller. As the device is passed over the skin, microneedles pass through the epidermis in a vertical manner, creating thousands of tiny channels in tissue. 

These channels serve two purposes. First, they trick the immune system into believing an injury has occurred. The tiny wounds heal within hours but the body continues to produce an increased amount of collagen protein for weeks after treatment. Next, the channels make the skin more permeable and capable of absorbing nourishing products such as PRP. 

Your PRP Facial

Platelet-Rich Plasma is a product contained in the blood. To obtain it, we perform a blood draw much like one would experience during a routine physical. We don’t then slather blood on the face, though, as celebrity images may imply. After drawing blood, we process it. Spun at a high speed, red blood cells separate from plasma. The platelet-rich plasma rises to the top of the tube, where we can draw it into a syringe for immediate use. 

A PRP facial begins with an application of numbing anesthetic on clean skin. While the numbing agent is taking effect, we may draw and process blood so platelet-rich plasma is ready as soon as we commence with microneedling. This phase of treatment may feel like “sandpaper,” much like microdermabrasion. Some parts of the face, such as the forehead where there is less fatty tissue, may feel slightly uncomfortable. After making passes over various areas, we apply PRP onto the skin, where numerous growth factors are quickly absorbed to aid in rapid healing. 

Facial rejuvenation doesn’t have to involve surgery. Learn more about the immense value of microneedling with PRP in our Chicago medical spa. Call 312.266.6240 to schedule your visit.

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