What is a “retouch” after liposuction?”

What is a “retouch” after liposuction?” 1 answer on Quora

What is a “retouch” after liposuction?”

Liposuction is as much art as science. In an effort to avoid any complications such as dimpling, rippling, excessive removal in any one area and to try and achieve a smooth, refined result, your surgeon may choose to be more conservative. Depending on the amount of fat to be removed, some swelling may begin to set in during the surgery which can obscure the final result. Every effort is made to plan the areas to be treated preoperatively with skin markings, planned volumes to be removed, etc… However, even with the best planning and execution, there may be areas that do not respond completely as expected. If the majority of the result is pretty good and there are a few small areas that require additional liposuction, this can often be performed in the office under local anesthesia. Limited volumes can be removed safely in this manner, typically waiting several months to ensure that all swelling has resolved and the result is truly final. As always, be sure your physician is board certified to ensure they adhere to the highest standards of care.

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