Face Lift FAQ

What is a facelift?

Facelift surgery involves techniques that improve skin laxity of the face and reduce lines around the mouth. Face and necklifts are customized procedures that counteract the signs of aging. They often include facial fat grafting to volumize the face as well.

Am I a candidate for a face lift?

Facelift surgery can reduce the lines and creases around the nose and mouth, while lifting the tissues that have become stretchy or loose with age. If you feel that your skin has become looser and you are noticing more lines and wrinkles, facelift surgery may be right for you! During this surgery, we also restore volume to the face by doing facial fat grafting. If you are experiencing these issues but are looking for something with less downtime, non-surgical options for facelifts are also possible, which we can discuss in more detail at your consult.

Will I have scarring after a facelift?

As with any surgery, scarring is inevitable but we make many efforts to create the best possible scar. With facelift procedures, your surgeon may strategically create incisions along areas that may be camouflaged by your ears, hair, etc. Your incision site/s will be red/pinkish in color during your initial recovery period, and over time will likely fade into a thin white line. We also have several treatments ranging from topical scar gels to laser treatments that may aid in the appearance of scars.