Lip Lift

What is a lip lift?

A lip lift is a surgical procedure that shortens the distance between the nose and the upper lip. As we age, this distance becomes longer and the upper lip curls under. This is a sign of aging and can make the upper lip seem to disappear or look thin. Often, the upper lip has not thinned, but has curled under and is now hidden. By creating a small incision under the nose and excising extra skin, the lip is pulled up and lifted. This restores a youthful appearance of the face and lips, creating a natural looking perfect pout!

Lip Lift

Where is the incision?

The incision for a lip lift is located under the nose. It is hidden in the crease and ideally fades into a nice, thin line over time. Because of its location under the nose, it is often unnoticeable.


What is the downtime?

This procedure is a simple procedure that can be accomplished in the office under local anesthesia, per the patient’s request. The incision may be red at first, but should fade into a thin line over time. There can be bruising and swelling with any procedure, but it is usually minimal for this procedure. There are no restrictions regarding activity afterwards, although we prefer to limit over-stretching of the incision in the first few days (pursing your lips together after putting on chapstick, for example).


lip lift versus lip filler?

A lip lift can be performed with or without lip filler. Lip filler can volumize and plump the upper and lower lip. The lip lift procedure shortens the distance between the nose and upper lip, creating a youthful, yet natural upper lip appearance. We can discuss if filler, the lip lift, or both are right for you at your consultation.

how do i schedule?

We would be happy to see you in the office for a consultation. Give our office a call at (312) 266-6240 and we will tailor a procedure that creates your perfect pout!